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The Legacy of Cristóbal Balenciaga 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

An Untold Theory Of The Relation With Picasso. - London, Victoria & Albert Museum , "Balenciaga Shaping Fashion" exhibition. - Walking through the exhibition,, admiring all the different windows about the work of the "Master of Shapes", I begin to wonder that Cristóbal Balenciaga handed down to us a surprisingly big legacy. He was the very first couturier of all times: ...

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48 hours in Milan: second day of my #MFW

Friday, March 3, 2017

On my second and last day of Fashion Week I participated to the Massimo Rebecchi presentation and got caught by many photographers outside my favorite brands' shows. It was as amazing as the first day with the only perk of being my last day in Milan, which was quite sad. On both days I had my ...

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New Year, New Shades

Monday, January 9, 2017

Happy New Year everybody! This 2017  has reserved us a new Rainbow of magical shades. Fist of them all is Greenery:  Greenery, is a revitalizing and fresh zesty yellow-green shade that represents the 2017 and is symbolic of new beginnings. It's a nature neutral color, is delicate and relaxing, as we hope this year is going to be. Kendall Jenner But what about ...

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The Perfect Holiday Idea styled by Lucy Hale

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Are you searching for Something that could make you different on a special night during this holidays? A Missing Piece, perhaps a jewel or an accessory.. Well, consider your hunt done. You are going to find what you dreamed for here. What am I talking about? I'm talking about a common type of accessory, more specifically: body ...

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Frivolous Fabulous Boxes

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

These hand bags seem like little precious boxes: Les Minaudières. Little, perfect, frivolous and enriched with intricate designs and jewel stones as seen at Dolce and Gabbana and Elie Saab for this 2016 fall collection. They represent the idea of luxury and are the missing piece in a simple but elegant outfit. In case you aren't the Princess ...

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How Hilary Clinton showed off her sense of style during USA presidential elections 

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Ieri finalmente si sono concluse le elezioni presidenziale che hanno eletto il 45esimo presidente degli Stati Uniti. Tra i candidati, i preferiti sono stati Hillary Clinton (democratico) e Donald Trump (repubblicano). Dopo una accesa campagna elettorale, é stato portato alla vittoria il candidato repubblicano, Donald Trump.  Hillary Clinton gli ha infine concesso la vittoria ed é ...

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