Gingham + Woven mini bag

by Friday, June 30, 2017

What could you ever obtain by adding a gingham pattern and a woven bag?

The very first theory would be about a picnic afternoon but that, my dears, is not correct anymore.

Fashion, as you may have noticed, changes the view of many things: matches that first could seem impossible, become possible and even  more: they become the best option, the new trend.

That, from my point of view, is because somehow fashion as many other artistic expressions has the power to expand your mind and open your eyes to a wider point of view. It can also compel you, that’s true, but it only happens if you let it.

Fashion can truly help you open your mind to new things, but in the end is your choice whether to  embrace those new concepts or disagree with them. And both are fine, since style is not only based on trends but mainly on personality.

I chose to mix the two most popular trends at the moment: I was inspired by them and a completely new outfit idea came up.

It’s a daily, chic, sophisticated idea that doesn’t have much in common with a picnic, but reminds a little of it.

To create the look I picked a crop top with a black and white gingham pattern and bow sleeves, high waist white pants and coral tie up block heels sandals.

The accessories that completed the look were a woven mini bag from Lombok and a hand made Sardinian cuff bracelet.

The scenery in the photos is the Sardinian atmosphere I fell in love with during my holiday in the heart of the Maddalena island.

Gingham top: Asos

High waist pants: Zara

Sandals: Top Shop

Sunglasses: Spitfire

I hope this article piece is to your liking,

Let me know of any of your thoughts.

With Love,



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