by Thursday, May 11, 2017

Dearest Readers,

details are the flavors that give a little spice, a little bitterness or a little sweetness; without them, clothes become basic bland clothes. Basic can be good too, but in my opinion our clothes should also transmit emotions, so details are fundamental.

By wearing a red tailored jacket with gold or pearl buttons we could be seen as intriguing, fashion or passionate.

Adding studs to our garments can express better our style or just reflect our emotional feeling.

Pearls belong to femenine women, with sophisticated personality and a little classy.

Rhinestones reflect self confidence and a demand for attention. Depending on quantity can be used on special night events too since they are the most eyecatching detail together with paillettes.

Of course, adding too many details is not good either.
Details, just like everything, need to be used with measure.

Today, I felt of wearing pearls.

Under a flamingo pink ruffle top I wore a pair of embellished jeans. The pearls of different dimensions gave a sophisticated touch to a chic but still sporty outfit completed by a pair of Puma basket heart sneakers.

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 1. Embellished jeans

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3. Puma basket heart

With Love,

Chiara C.


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