48 hours in Milan: second day of my #MFW

by Friday, March 3, 2017

On my second and last day of Fashion Week I participated to the Massimo Rebecchi presentation and got caught by many photographers outside my favorite brands’ shows. It was as amazing as the first day with the only perk of being my last day in Milan, which was quite sad.

On both days I had my friend Francesco de Calò by my side: he’s a fashion lover and blogger on instagram, where he documents all his adventures through his pictures. You can see him in some of the photos below, taken by photographers during the fashion week. 


Spotted outside MSGM event

For the second day I wore a street style look composed by a leather jumpsuit, nude sweater with bow sleeves detail, leather ankle boots and a fur pom pom black cap and silver extra mirror glasses.

The sweater is from Zara and the jumpsuit is part of Mango’s latest leather collection. You can find the glasses, from the Spitfire brand, on Asos.com.

I also carried with me my matelassé jumbo embellished bag from Mia Bag with my bunny keychain, which I talked about in the last posts, and decorated my hair with silver hair rings. 

February 26th

Dolce & Gabbana



while I was on my way to the Massimo Rebecchi presentation, I walked into the Dolce & Gabbana event and I couldn’t stop by to look around and see who was going to attend the show: Kristina Bazan was one of the bloggers I met outside the Metropol.

Massimo Rebecchi

Massimo Rebecchi is an italian brand that I like very much. It produces quality clothes that fit you nicely and belong to a medium price range. I’ve always attended its shows and presentations and this year i couldn’t miss it neither. During the presentation I had the pleasure of talking to the designer Massimo Rebecchi himself, who explained me the aim of the collection:

I wanted to represent the idea that today all this different cultures and ethnic groups, which are mixed together with us, are just like us and at the same time differ for their uniqueness; and to do that I used models from around the world dressed of various kinds of styles and fabrics mixed together.



After Massimo Rebecchi, and a short break, I arrived outside the Ferragamo event.

There, in Piazza Affari,  plenty of photographers, journalists, bloggers, stylists, tv presenters and many others showed up. It seemed the whole fashion industry was there, hurrying and asking the models and celebrities to pose for a photo. In fact outside the event I met bloggers like Marta Lozano, Nicole Warne (from garypeppergirl.com) and Miroslava Duma.

Unfortunately this Fashion Week has come to its end, but I’m looking forward to the next one in September, so if you liked this articles about #mfw you obviously don’t want to miss the next one in September !



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