Lost In The Woods: The Savage Edition

by Tuesday, November 22, 2016

As November is coming to its end so it is autumn season. Winter is getting closer and the seasonal colors have lost their bright red, yellow and green shades and have become darker as the woods are getting gloomy. 

In this dark atmosphere I chose to take some photos. In the day there are three moments that I love: dawn, sunset and the first moments after it. In this photos I’m going to show you the last two, but I’m also going to prove you my great passion for fantasy furs: I really love artistic eco furs and one of the reasons is because they are unique, real pieces of art. 

so here I am, in this savage edition, lost in the woods, trying to fit in it but at the same time emerging with my extravagant coats. 


The last hours of light are always the most magical with that warm golden sparkle that gently touches your skin. I enjoyed taking these photos while the sun was slowly hiding away. 

The coat that I’m wearing is from Zara’s latest collection, très jolie.

The match is with a pair of black patent leather pants, really trending right now, and a neck scarf top. And voilà, a bon ton and rock glam outfit. 


Right after sunset, it comes the “cold light”, as I call it. Immersed in that amazing musk vibrant green, the smell of pine cones and rain, I wear my favourite coat: an eco fur from Story Of Lola, an emergent but amazing brand. With its peacock charme it has fascinated everyone, included me, everytime I’ve worn it. 

Hope you liked this article.

New posts are coming soon.

With Love,


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