A special Christmas Tree Dress: Tutorial

by Monday, November 21, 2016

Dear Readers,

This Christmas I’ve decided to create something new and special at the same time. Since my room is not very big and I can’t add much decor (and it’s a pity because I really adore Christmas) I wanted one big and fabulous decor. 

In a corner of my room I’ve got a braided wood mannequin. I love to change its look based on the season or festivities. This, made me think of a great idea: to make a Christmas dress out of tree branches for my mannequin.

It wasn’t so hard to find the necessary tools, the hardest part was next: building and creating the huge gown.

This is what you are going to need:

  • Wire net
  • Different type of evergreen tree branches
  • Pliers
  • Scissors 
  • Cable ties
  • Gloves
  • Pine cones to decorate the gown
  • Snow spray
  • Christmas decor
  • And… a lot of patience 


Roll out the wire net and place it on the mannequin. Try to find out where you have to cut it out. When you’ve found the right point, take the pliers or scissors and start cutting that part of the net.


Start positioning the net on the mannequin. It’s going to be a ball gown so try to make a little bit of volume. I recommend to wear gloves in this first steps because ones cut, the wire could hurt your hands. 

Don’t worry if you see that the net doesn’t fit well on the mannequin, it’s normal. You can fix that by creating one or two folds.

When finished, secure it with cable ties.


Start adding your tree branches. Start from the bottom with thebigger  and then move forward with the smaller. Try to find your method and place all the branches.

STEP 4. 
When you have positioned all your pieces and the gown is complete you can add the lights and some of the pine cones you’ve previously sprayed with snow spray.


 Last but not least, add something to cover the top of your mannequin. I suggest you using a top, a belt or a big and nice ribbon you can tie around it’s waist and that finishes with a big bow. 


Thanks for reading!

Soon I will update with new photos of the dress.


With Love,


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