How the Oxford Green is taking over Christmas 

by Monday, November 14, 2016

The Advent period is starting soon but we are already noticing some Christmas atmosphere: led lights all around the town, beautifully magical windows, the first gingerbread sweets and that exciting feeling of Christmas time. Somewhere the snow is already falling, families are preparing the Christmas tree together, and searching for the perfect gift. 

Christmas always brings that magical spark in the eyes of most people. Is the most magical period of the year and I think it makes all our souls peaceful and calm ( we really need some Christmas in this period). 

Since ages the representative colors of Christmas have been mostly the red, the gold or silver and the white. But this year, I feel that green is really taking over Christmas. With one of the latest trends that saw an Oxford green coat become a must-have, there is no such color that makes me feel more festive than green.

Especially the oxford green, close to the Lush Meadow from Pantone. Looking at it I can’t manage not to think about musk and its intense smell, or pine tree and its cones with their wood and resin scent. One colour, so many feelings…

…but, what do you feel? Is it also green your Christmas color of the year? 

I’m curious to know what are your thoughts about this topic. Please live a comment or a heart below.

Have a nice day!

With Love,


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