The perfect guide for a perfect Halloween outfit

by Tuesday, October 11, 2016

With pumpkin spice in the air  and bloody golden leaves on the ground Halloween is coming.

 It’s time for us to decorate our house with giant sticky spider webs and to light up our spooky carved pumpkins. But, before the party starts, remember not to miss the perfect costume… here is some advice to help you in your search:

1. Try not to copy but invent using your imagination and creativity;

Nowadays you don’t have to buy a ready-to-wear costume: there are many stores, also online, that sell their own Halloween clothes collections. For example you can find inspiration on Asos, Accessories and Claire’s and then mix all the things you like to create a unique look . Also, you don’t have to buy specific Halloween clothes either: you can just match ordinary clothes with a bunch of cool Halloween gadgets and a creepy  make up and obtain a perfect and even more creepy look than just buying a finished costume.

2. If you choose to wear simple dark clothes, wear an important and stunning face make-up, which all will stair at;

Sometimes the most important part of the look can be the makeup. 

3. Remember to add accessories: highlights of every outfit

Accesories can complete a look matching with the clothes or can completely change the whole meaning of your look. They have a great power so make sure to use it at its best.

Next post about Halloween season is coming soon!


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