Sparkling lips to shine 

by Wednesday, September 21, 2016

With the advent of all this social media apps, trends have begun to show up also through instagram, pinterest, tumblr and many more other social networks.

Also the number of trends has begun to improve greatly: it takes a photo and some “likes” and “shares” to transform a new idea into something that’s “trending”. 

I think this is a big step forward in our community. This way, mostly everyone will soon be able to express their ideas and also be appreciated by a big crowd of users who share their same idea. In some time maybe they will make their own profit or find job more easily. The main goal of social networks is to expose people, and this is a great advantage for those seeking for a job or a big visibility. 

But… we were talking about trends right? 

Well, a little time ago showed up on instagram photos and videos of people applying glitter over lipstick/ lipstain. Before, it was a make up used only for shows or photo works. Suddenly someone decided to introduce in the daily “evening make up” routine; people liked it and shared it and in the end make up brands have begun to produce specific products to obtain that effect. For example the make up artist Pat Mc Grath created an absolutely amazing kit which will soon be available online at Sephora.

In this video, that I also shared on my blog instagram account, the advice is to apply an oil/cream primer before lipstain (which sometimes can dry your lips) and then apply glitter with a little brush. The final effect is very shiny and I suggest you to combine it with a natural look, like the one of Bella Hadid you can find through the pictures below.

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