Eat Clean Tea the “not tea-tox” matcha tea review

by Thursday, June 16, 2016

Hello everybody! Today we are talking about a 100% natural matcha tea which I tryed last week and immediately I fell in love with.

Eat Clean Tea produces and sells matcha tea that boosts your
metabolism, aids fat burning, gives you beautiful, clear skin and detoxifies your body.

You can choose between three flavours ( original matcha green tea, matcha and mint, matcha and ginger) and all of them have the same benefits.

Since I started drinking my mugs of matcha (I have to say that mine it’s not really a matcha daily-routine) I found some of the benefits I told you about. It really helps your metabolism and fat burning (obviously it helps if combined with some sport). For the clear skin you probably have to start a daily routine but despite this I noticed little changes in my skin that now appears nicer.

I really like this brand I found and I’m proud to be part of #TeamMatcha now 🙂 .  I suggest everybody who would like to try some tea, to try Eat Clean Tea’s matcha. Please be aware of  “tea-tox” tea: unlike matcha they contain ingredients such as senna which are known as laxatives and will make you lose weight in unhealthy ways. Remember everytime you are going to buy detox tea to read the ingredients and their effects. Trust only 100% natural and healthy tea which are not “tea-tox”

matcha green

matcha green

matcha mint

matcha mint

matcha ginger

matcha ginger



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