UN-FACED : my first t-shirt collection

by Monday, June 20, 2016

Today I’m glad to present to you my first collection: its name is “UN-FACED “and it’s made of five different designs which all have the same structure in common. Every t-shirt was hand-made and it’s unique. The goal was to have different types of design all created from the same face but at the end all different.

#DGLovesNaples❤️ celebrating 30 years of Career

by Saturday, June 18, 2016

These days we are following on instagram the release of the a/w 2016-2017 Dolce&Gabbana campaign that with a tour for the roads and the alleys in Naples is immortalizing representative moments of one among the most special cities to the world. Naples’ citizens answer with the same demonstrations of interest, curiosity and also with so much affection and availability. They have welcomed the two designers, both deeply tied up ones in the city, with serenades for the alleys and big crowds ready to take part to the photoshoot. The two designers of the brand have been amazed from

Early summer vibes in Zurich

by Friday, June 17, 2016

Welcome to a new outfit post. I haven’t written one for a long time, but now it’s back and I’m very enthusiast to show you this beautiful pictures that Ivan ( WWW.IGPRODUCTIONS.NET) took of me.

The location was the Fraumünster, a beautiful tall tower that you can ammire from all over the town. In the phots I am wearing

Eat Clean Tea the “not tea-tox” matcha tea review

by Thursday, June 16, 2016

Hello everybody! Today we are talking about a 100% natural matcha tea which I tryed last week and immediately I fell in love with.

Eat Clean Tea produces and sells matcha tea that boosts your
metabolism, aids fat burning, gives you beautiful, clear skin and detoxifies your body.

You can choose between three flavours ( original matcha green tea, matcha and mint, matcha and ginger) and all of them have the same benefits.

Since I started

The #4trends you can’t miss

by Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Welcome back! After a period of absence from the blog I’ve returned stronger than before.
In the meantime I have developed a lot new ideas and completed a pair of projects that you will discover very soon…
Today afternoon I want to speak to you of one of the themes that has turned since the first articles into our”daily bread”: the trends.