Celebrities engagement rings that will make you dream

by Saturday, January 30, 2016

Engagement rings have always been the symbol of love and transition from being a lonely person to become a piece of something special that only you and your fianceè can complete being together. This rings promise you all the love and the adoration that a human can give you. They are special and, althought a love must not be mesuared on the number of carat of engagement rings stones, people still say that more big is the gem more big is the love that someone feels for you.

This obviously is not true, but the true is also that no woman on this planet wouldn’t be happy with a pretty big gem stone.

Our celebrities absolutely agree, and they proved it with their enormous, super shiny and important engagement rings.

Chanel RTW S/S 2016

by Monday, January 25, 2016

planes have always been the most used when it comes to fashion. Houses such as Chanel have been in many cities around the world to create unique and unpredictable shows, flying in cities like Moscow, Seoul, Salzburg, Dallas and many others. Well this year Karl Lagerfeld has chosen not to leave, to stay in his beloved Paris, and more precisely at the airport Paris-Cambon to give life to a special fashion show, perhaps even more special than the others, and inaugurate the Chanel Airlines, a line that rather than planes offers multicolored clothes, pairs of shoes, cosmetic bags and trolleys to travel in style.

How to dress-up for a night out at the Casino

by Monday, January 25, 2016

Imposing crystal chandeliers, burgundy wallpaper , marble, flutes, the strong smell of scotch, slot machines, gambling tables and the noise of the cards dealt to each player. Jewelry, silk, satin, tuxedo and cigarettes.
They are only 13 of the expressions which describe a casino: the halls where to find and then lose the fortune.
Luxury here is the master and the dress code is always very high. It is the hub of fun and entertainment and on the map has a precise name: Las Vegas, the city of sin.
In Sin City it is allowed to do everything … but .. everything except to choose the wrong look.

David Bowie, bright star of the music and fashion icon

by Saturday, January 23, 2016

How to: apply eyeliner according to your eye shape

by Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Dear Readers,
we all know that one of the longest and most complicated missions, after the first landing on the moon, is for women to apply a perfect line of eyeliner. In extreme cases requires one to two days, a lot of patience that neither God has got and many bottles of cleanser. But the root cause of this effort is perhaps the search of the perfect design. The one that manages to enhance your look and not to make it worse.