100 years of Halloween costumes in 3 minutes

by Saturday, October 31, 2015

Carving pumpkins, sipping cider, and trick-or-treating may all be indicative of Halloween, but nothing gets us into the spirit more than dressing up.

Says Mode describing its video.

I think it is totally right; I mean, who doesn’t like to dress up? It has a been a tradition since a long long time.

As the video shows, among all the trends that have come and gone, Halloween costumes are one of the few that steel remain. It has started with an alternative zombie from the 1915, it has continued with witches from the magnificient ’20s and a little spooky Minnie Mouse from the ’30s and more untill now a days with a break the internet K. Kardashian.

Aren’t all this costumes still trending and wearable? Yes.



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